Get Your Own Domain name For Your Blog

Get Your Own Domain name For Your Blog

Everyone is blogging of late. you’ll not notice however simple it really is to get an on the spot name for your Blog. Some Blog services admire Blogger area unit providing to “help you get a site name”, that you see once you area unit putting in place your Blog.

Essentially this is often one thing you’ll be able to try this on your own and it isn’t terribly costly either. on the average, you’ll pay between $8 and $15 annually to “own your own name.” I ought to say you only area unit transaction it for a mere range of years…

It does not matter wherever you’ve got started your Blog, on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. This area unit the places you’re about to be “hosting” your website. The goal now could be, to get a site name.

If you haven’t really started your Blog nonetheless, this might be a and. this may provide you with time to seek out your name 1st, and ensure it’s out there. Your goal ought to be to seek out a site name that’s really out there to closely mirror your Blog. many folks say one you’ve got your name, it will not very matter, as you’ll direct it to your Blog, however it helps once “name stigmatization.”

Here is however you’d check handiness. First, check handiness along with your Blog service. to Illustrate, if you’re victimization Blogger services on Google, see if “PetSittingbyPete” is accessible. If it is, then check your name. move to, that I like to recommend as a result of its low cost and straightforward to use. There area unit invariably coupon codes out there on the online. you’ll be able to check on the most page if the required domain is accessible. If not, it’ll provide you with alternate concepts.

If is accessible, progress to future paragraph. If not, maybe is accessible. I powerfully recommend obtaining extension as that’s the foremost wide used, however if not their area unit alternative choices. you’ll additionally strive dynamic or fiddle with the names ie: reversing it to or form till you’ve got a winner with each the Blog and also the website.

Start your Blog (for free) and register it if you haven’t already. Then move to Go pa and “buy” a site name. you’ll be able to try this from one to 5 years, and that they settle for coupon codes. a fast search in Google or the online can provide you with current coupon codes on GoDaddy, and you’ll be able to typically lay aside to thirty-fifth off your domain purchase.

Get Your Own Domain name For Your Blog

If you discover a decent code, it’ll run you concerning $7.50 to $9 annually on domain name–sometimes additional the longer you register it for. this is often terribly good! you do not have to be compelled to pay Hosting, as a result of your Blog is doing the hosting thus ensure to not purchase any needless bells and whistles as a result of you do not would like them. All you would like is that the name.

Payment is straightforward, by PayPal, or MasterCard. Once you’ve got the domain, you’ll be asked to fill out some legal data (registration) and I Can data. thus currently you’ve got your domain. What does one do next?

You would then ensure you’re logged into your GoDaddy account and “manage” your domain. Your goal is to “forward” it to your Blog. This way, whenever anyone sorts in they’d be sent to your Blog. truly, it is a redirection.

You will see there could also be many ways that to try to this, it’ll prompt you to forward it (recommended) or forward with masking. you’ll be able to browse abreast of these choices elsewhere and the way everyone could impact your page rank.

Once you’ve got done this, it’ll take anyplace from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours for the GoDaddy servers to update, however, your new domain ought to be up and running at intervals hours of getting it. Congrats! You currently have a site name for your blog!



Be sure to invariably check for periodic You Can update in your email box related to your GoDaddy account. These can have to be compelled to be stuffed out otherwise you risk your domain being finish off.

Make note of the renewal date with GoDaddy thus you do not lose your name.

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