8 Best Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name

8 Best Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name

For computer programme (SEO) functions, there has been a temptation of shopping for a website name that’s full of keywords. as an example, if you are doing a Google explore for Xbox 360, you may notice about to 1,000,000 sites with similar domain names all with the name Xbox stuff within. a number of these names are catchy and can stick within the minds of individuals, however, there are so lame that nobody will keep in mind them.


To help you decide on the proper domain, here are eight nice tips to urge you started.


1. Your name ought to be short. My 1st name was as long as my identity card. Not solely was it arduous to recollect, however, there was an excellent probability that it’d be misspelled once individuals would try and kind my domain in their browser.


2. Your name ought to be easy. stand back from domain names with hyphens and underscores. If individuals try and kind in your domain from memory, they’ll forget that there was Associate in Nursing underscore or a hyphen in your name.


3. It ought to be implicative your business class. I feel this is often pretty self-informative. If you’re an internet style company, you do not desire a domain that’s wholly tangential like blueroses.com.


4. It ought to be distinctive. do not be a duplicate cat. singularity helps individuals keep in mind you.


5. It ought to be simple to interpret and pronounce. I keep in mind having a website name that after I was to speak to individuals over the phone, they’d bespeak and over, “What is that the name of your business again?” you do not wish that.

6. It ought to be customized

8 Best Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name


7. It mustn’t be troublesome to spell. keep company with a website name that even the individuals with the worst writing system will spell.


8. It mustn’t be troublesome to recollect. I actually have 2 sites that I feel have very nice domain names. they’re WebPuffs.com and Supplement.Bistro.com. they’re names that individuals keep in mind.


I hope this short guide can assist you on your next name purchase. I invariably suggest Godaddy for domain purchases. Their domains are competitively priced.

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